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We believe that pets and people’s lives are better when they are together.

This is why we have been creating high quality nutritious food for pets for over 85 years.

Nourishing pets. Enrichening lives

At Purina, we believe in creating food that nourishes pets, giving them energy to run after a ball or catch a feather, and in providing cutting-edge nutrition that guarantees more years full of health and happiness by your side.

The bonds we make with our pets nurture both their lives and ours - which is why we're always working hard to improve our pet food.


Our Philosophy on Nutrition

We believe pets and people are better together. For more than 80 year's we have been able to improve nutrition day by day. Thanks to our team of more than 400 scientists and nutritionists, we've been able to develop market-leading food products, and make those products accessible to the majority of pets around the world. We've sem in our own experience how the night food can extend a dog's health for years. That's why we're on a mission to improve pet food standards Leam about the nutntion philosophy that guides us in everything we do.

The benefits of proteins

We know that high quality proteins are an important element of a well balanced staple diet for dogs and cats.

High quality proteins found in Purina® products

They support essential functions such as tissue repair and muscle growth.

They provide the amino acids that your pet needs.

We have done the appropriate research and have discovered that cereals are an effective protein complement for dogs.